Driving Sets You Free

Some of my most peaceful memories while traveling come from driving. There is something about cruising through a completely new landscape for miles that just lets your mind wander. I constantly find my self trying to figure out how exactly that mountain or valley or tiny little stream was formed.

Greta would not be pleased with me but there was no substitute for what I wanted to do in the amount of time I had. Regardless you can always donate to sustainability projects to offset your carbon footprint if you are feeling guilty. Personally I do what I can to reduce my footprint recycling and following “Leave No Trace” but the big change needs to happen with nations and corporations. But that is a whole different post… This one is about ROADTRIPS!


My favorite driving experience was my trip to Yellowstone! Driving from the high desert in Utah all the way to the snow capped and tree covered mountains in Montana and Wyoming was one of the most serene experiences of my life. I do not claim to be a videographer by any stretch of the imagination (for now) but some of the clips below might give you an idea of the views I had! Like and Subscribe to follow for future content!


My heart and mind have never felt more free on a road trip than when I was cruising through Wyoming. I can not recommend driving out west enough. Also side note I have already decided my next car when I finally have to grow up will be a VW Jetta. That car was a blast to drive around Utah, Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming.

Down below is a short clip I took in Arizona while heading back to the main road from my back country camp site over the winter. I just had a tiny little Corolla to putz around in that time but it never took away from the joy of driving. I also made a friend and we tagged along together on a western adventure! Check out her film and art here!

What did take away the joy was me leaving my own personal key chain in the car before flying out of Vegas. PRO TIP: Losing your keys is worse than losing your wallet especially if you do not have a back up plan like me. There is nothing worse than landing after 1:00 a.m. and being so close to your car and apartment yet so far.

Driving in Iceland was a different animal all together. We took the same road in the video later in the trip and had to navigate a snow storm. Having to relearn stick (before I bought my own manual car) in a foreign country was a tad stressful. Also getting a flat tire within hours of driving the van was a bit of a bummer. Read more about that here: My First Day in Iceland

Before our almost 1000 mile journey was over the little van had turned on the check engine light, lost a headlight and blown a tire but the thing kept on moving. Driving in the pouring wind and rain at night, on Iceland’s roads, with one good headlight may not be a memory I want to relive. Either way, without the little van that could, I would not have been able to experience so much of Iceland in so little time. Although next time I might splurge for a van without a massive dent on the right side.


If you do opt for the road trip remember to be responsible. Don’t go driving off road where you shouldn’t. Pick up after your self and try your best to pick the most fuel efficient option. Remember these places will only stay beautiful if we take care of them together!