What is “Imperfect Wanderings”?

You might be wondering (ha), “Hey Peter! Why do you think we care what you do?”. To be fair, its a valid question. The answer is simple, I don’t think you do, but someone might. In my experience the most useful tool to use when planning an adventure has been reading someone’s travel blog who has already been there. I just figure why not throw my hat into the definitely not already over populated ring. I have no misconceptions that this will become some wildly popular travel blog. It is simply for me and whoever it helps or entertains. 

I did an extensive amount of traveling in 2018 and I don’t expect 2019 to be any different.

2018 saw me travel to Los Angeles, Joshua Tree, Iceland, and out west to Nevada, Arizona and Utah. 2019 has already taken me to Utah, Quebec, Yellowstone, Belgium, Denmark and Greenland! I had an absolute blast and made quite a few mistakes along the way. So I am going to write about my trips and tell you, the reader, what you absolutely must do as well as what to avoid. The majority of the problems along the way were self inflicted so I have no intention of bashing anything in my writing. Instead I want to celebrate the beauty and exciting aspects of each place while explaining how I, the imperfect traveler, screwed up, so you don’t have to make the same mistakes.

When I travel, at least in the recent past, I am always looking for something to conquer. Something to do that I could never do back home or in any other place. Being out in the wild is where I feel the most free and can let go of every day life the fastest. I also try to be a budget traveler when I can so camping really saves me money while also giving me the benefit of living outdoors on vacation. To that end, I probably won’t be writing about the best resorts to book although I am sure there will be the exceptions.

Travel photography has been a huge passion for me.

So now with this travel blog I hope to create even more value for others who want to follow along! My goal will be to tell the story behind my travel photos! I want to thank everyone who has ever bought a print from me or hired me to shoot their event. Without you I wouldn’t be able to do what I love.

In case you were wondering how long you will have to wait for more content worry not. Its already here! Read my first post!              My First Day In Iceland

Leave a comment below where you think I might be going next or where I should go!