Want to Travel?

I can not stress this enough. Google Flights is an amazing tool for planning an affordable trip anywhere! As I said in my previous post Tips for Flying I have used the tool extensively to plan my adventures. After a few conversations I have realized how few people actually realize the power of this tool and that it is right at your fingertips.

Most people dream of their next trip but may not be actively working toward their goal due to the perceived barriers to entry. Don’t get me wrong travel sites like Expedia or an airline’s website can be very intimidating. Thankfully planning your next trip or even browsing possible destinations is wildly easy.

If say, you wanted to take a weekend trip to Europe but you don’t know when or even specifically where you want to go, the best place to start is by putting in your departing airport/region (typing Washington D.C. will include BWI, Reagan, and Dulles in your possible departures just like typing NYC will include LaGuardia, Newark and JFK). From there you just press search and you are immediately shown a map of the entire country with top destinations and deals as shown below!


You can easily zoom in and out and move the map wherever you please. Want to go on a trip to Paris on a weekend in November? You can change the date range to look for the best weekends in November.


Oh that seems a little pricey. Maybe I can leave work a little early on a Thursday and take the train to NYC to make an overnight flight?


Fun fact! Almost all flights to Europe are significantly cheaper if you fly from NYC namely JFK. With all that money you saved maybe you can afford to stay in a nicer AirBnB (definitely book a stay through the link!) or maybe even a 4 or 5 star hotel! Or maybe you will just take the bus to NYC for $10 and then stay in a uber cheap hostel wherever you go! And that is the beauty of being able to see all of your possible destinations! Now you are thinking maybe I actually want to spend a weekend in London or Brussels instead and use the money I saved on Belgian chocolates!

What I really wanted to get across to you the reader is simply, your goal to travel abroad is a lot easier than you might think. Whether you are alone or going with your significant other NOW is always a good time to think about traveling. The people you’ll meet and the places you’ll experience are priceless. I know it is a privilege to be able to travel but I just wanted to share this tool to bring your goals of traveling the globe a little bit closer.